Children’s Membership Form for Wicklow Rowing Club

We are very pleased that you/your child wishes to apply to join Wicklow Rowing Club . To ensure we have the correct contact details for you, please fill out and submit this form.

The Club Secretary will get back in touch with you directly.

All those under 18 years of age must ask their parent or carer to sign the form before it is returned. We will also use this information to ensure that you are kept informed about club events.

Dear Parent/Carer,

Anything written on this form will be held in confidence. Our coaches need to know these details in order to meet the specific needs of your child or young person.


    Do you give permission for your child’s photograph to be used in Wicklow Rowing Club social media posts :


    I will inform the coaches/designated safeguarding children officer of any important changes to my child’s health, medication or needs and also of any changes to our address or phone numbers given. In the event of illness, having parental responsibility for the above named child, I give permission for medical treatment to be administered where considered necessary by a nominated first aider, or by suitably qualified medical practitioners. If I cannot be contacted and my child should require emergency hospital treatment, I authorise a qualified medical practitioner to provide emergency treatment or medication.

    I have been made aware that Rowing Ireland and Wicklow Rowing Club have both adopted a Safeguarding/Code of Ethics policy and they are committed to ensuring the safety of my child by having:

    » A Coach’s Code of Conduct

    » Clear Recruitment Policy which includes vetting all coaches and volunteers

    » A Transport Policy

    » A Photography Policy

    » An Anti-bulling Policy

    » Disciplinary Procedures

    » A Designated Safeguarding/ Children’s Officer

    » Guidelines on Confidentiality

    Wicklow Rowing Club is committed to ensuring that any information gathered in relation to our juniors meets the specific responsibilities as set out in the relevant Data Protection legislation.

    The Wicklow Rowing Club coach/ rowing development officer will store the above information on their juniors database for a maximum of 12 months before re-registering the athlete if still associated with the club.

    I confirm that all details are correct to the best of my knowledge and I am able to give parental consent* for my child to participate in and travel to all activities. By returning this completed form, I agree to my son/daughter/child in my care taking part in the regular activities of the club.

    I understand that I will be kept informed of these activities – for example timing and transport details.

    I agree to the above statement: